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Institute of Technology (Polytechnic), Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

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Alumni Association

Welcome to the official website of the BVIT Alumni Association!” and “Next alumni meet schedule on 28th March 2022” .also it should contain body as “The BVIT Alumni Association is open to all individuals who have studied in the institute. Your trust with the institute however, begins as soon as you enter the institute for the first time. The BVIT Alumni Association seeks to provide you with an engaging and worthwhile experience. The purpose of the BVIT Alumni Association is to promote the welfare of BVIT and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the institute. The BVIT Alumni Association was started in 2003 as the means to fulfill the desire of the alumni to continue the relationship they have had with the institute. To this end, this website will facilitate interaction among the alumni and current students. We encourage you to use this website to be updated on campus and alumni activities. To know how you can contribute to the institute, contact us

Alumni Committee

Distinguished Alumni
S.No. Name Designation Contact No
1. Dr.Mitesh Dave Chairman 9820349399
2. Arun Zambre Secretary 9820462682
3. Mukesh Thumar Jt. Secretary 9619555666
4. Ajit Singh Treasurer 9702476472
5. Suryasevak Singh Member  9969827545

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