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Institute of Technology (Polytechnic), Navi Mumbai

Computer Technology

About Department

About Department:

The department has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation for three years from 15/03/2012 to 15/3/2015

The Department of Computer technology was established in the year 1986 .This is an exciting period for the Computer Engineering profession as the rapidly changing technology creates many opportunities and challenges. Department of Computer Engineering is prepared to meet the challenges and is playing a leadership role in shaping the education of the 21st Century by providing unique educational and research opportunities in the forefront of Computer Engineering, Information Technology and their applications.

The department has always been on a high growth and path since from its establishment. To keep pace with latest technologies department has employed experienced and dedicated faculty with strong commitment to wards research work. The department is well equipped and supported by various facilities.

The students are focused with the use of conceptual understanding of core domain areas in Computing as well as enhanced programming skills disseminating their analytical abilities. Our aim is to provide our students the lifelong learning and leadership skills that enable them to grow in their professions and advance to positions of responsibility by effective Industry-Institute Interaction. The Department has an excellent placement record and the placed students are in prestigious software industries all over the world.

The objective of Computer technology diploma course is to educate students with an understanding of digital techniques, computer architecture, computer networks and programming languages.

  • Year of Establishment: 1983
  • Student's Intake: 60
  • Head of Department: Mr. Mithun V. Mhatre
  • Contact - Phone no.: 022-27572434 EXT-147
  • Teaching Staff: 10
  • Non-Technical Staff: 06

Vision and Mission


Aspiring to provide society with well-qualified diploma engineers equipped with excellent technical skills and ethical values to compete globally.


M1.To impart quality technical education that meets the needs of present and emerging technological world.

M2.To strive for student achievement and success, preparing them for life and leadership.

M3.To provide a scholarly and vibrant learning environment that enables staff and students achieve personal   and professional growth.

M4.To contribute to advancement of knowledge, in both fundamental and applied areas of engineering and                              technology.

M5. To forge mutually beneficial relationships with governmental entities, industry, society and the alumni.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1.Have a strong foundation and ability to apply engineering fundamentals, modern tools, mathematics, science and humanities to conceive, analyze, and design.

PEO2.Be employed as a practicing engineer in fields such as design, research, development, testing and manufacturing.

PEO3.Progress through advanced degree or certificate programs in engineering, business and other professionally related fields.

PEO4.To recognize the societal and global context of their work and to understand professional and ethical responsibilities.

PEO5.Have an ability to participate in team oriented, open-ended activities that prepare them to work in integrated engineering teams and communicate.

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

S.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience in years Training attended in last 2 years Conferences / Seminar / Workshop Attended Paper Published Photo
Teaching Industrial
1 Mhatre Mithun Incharge H.O.D M.E Computer Engineering 13 -- 3   10
2 Chavan Vijaya Lecturer M.E Computer Engineering 12 -- 2   10
3 Gaikwad Shobhana Lecturer M.Tech (Comp Sci Engg.) 12 -- 2   05
4 Nimkarde Suwarna Lecturer M.Tech (Comp Sci Engg.) 12 -- 2   6
5 Patil Swati Lecturer M.E (Pursuing) B.E. (Comp Sci Engg.) 12 -- 2   4
6 Kamble Pournima Lecturer

Mtech (Appearing)  BE Computer Engg.

10 -- 1   7
7 Rathod Vinod Lecturer Mtech Computer Engineering 9 -- 1   6
8 Patil Swapnil Lecturer ME Comp Sci Engg.) 11 -- 2   3
9 Patil Rahul Lecturer M.Tech. (Comp Sci Engg.) 9 -- 1   4
10 Gawade Sujata Lecturer M.E Computer Engg 9 -- 2   6

Faculty Attended Training / Workshop / Content Updating Program / Orientation Program (2018-19)

S.No. Industrial/ Content Updating/ Workshop Date Topic Place Name of Staff
1 Industrial Training 17/07/18 -19/07/18 Internet of Things L&T Ltd, Mahape Mr.Mithun Mhatre
2 Industrial Training 17/07/18 -19/07/18 Internet of Things L&T Ltd, Mahape Mr.Vinod Rathod
3 Industrial Training 10/12/18 -12/12/18 Software web Development L&T Ltd, Mahape Mrs.Shobhana Gaikwad
4 Industrial Training 10/09/18 - 12/09/18 Internet of Things L&T Ltd, Mahape Mrs.Suwarna Nimkarde
5 Industrial Training 03/09/18 - 07/09/18 Mobile Application Development Govt Poly, Thane Mrs.Pournima Kamble
6 Industrial Training 10/12/18 - 12/12/18 Software web Development L&T Ltd, Mahape Mrs.Swati Patil
7 Industrial Training 10/12/18 - 12/12/18 Software web Development L&T Ltd, Mahape Mrs.Vijaya Chavan
8 Industrial Training 10/09/18 - 12/09/18 Internet of Things L&T Ltd, Mahape Mr.Rahul Patil
9 Industrial Training 10/09/18 - 12/09/18 Internet of Things L&T Ltd, Mahape Mr.Swapnil Patil
10 Industrial Training 03/09/18 - 07/09/18 Mobile Application Development Govt Poly, Thane Mrs.Sujata Gawade

Lab Structure












6. DIGITAL LAB                                     


Awards and Honours

Awards and Honours

Roll of Honor (First Shift)

Academic year Name of Student Percentage
1989 Shinde Anil 66.63
1990 Adsul Nitin 72.45
1991 Mehta Paresh 71.90
1992 Rajpure Dattartraya 79.00
1993 Patil Suwarna 75.54
1994 Sharma Pinky 75.81
1995 Puthiyavettle Narayanan 73.81
1996 Kothari Vishal 82.63
1997 Mehta Sunita 80.09
1998 Patel Prashant 68.78
1999 Chaudhary Swati 69.26
2000 Jain Deepali 79.02
2001 Pande Amar 79.70
2002 Shaligram Sameer 79.31
2003 Patel Alpha 75.70
2004 Patel Namrata 78.88
2005 Patil Vicky 75.36
2006 Patil Alok 80.32
2007 Shista Naaz 82.00
2008 Kadam Dayanand 78.00
2009 Shelke Kavita 88.62
2010 Vikram Patil 87.31
2011 Harshad Hule 89.03
2012 Pranali Deshmukh 81.81
2013 Shubham Dhaiwal 78.13
2014 Anita Mane 76.90
2015 Mayur Sandbhor 88.29
2016 Shraddha Bhatkar 81.61
2017 Tanish Sehagal 91.35
2018 Sailee Shingare 90.76

Roll of Honor (1079-Second Shift)

2011 Vikram Liman 88.41
2012 Pradnya Shinde 79.16
2013 Sainath Patil & Jayshree Khandagle 81.29
2014 Ashwini Shinde 87.10
2015 Mehvash khan 90.88
2016 Vaibhav Gole 88.24
2017 Arjun Chauhan 88.47
2018 Reetu Sharma 89.06

Departmental Achievements 2018-19

S.No. Date Event (National/State/ Inter-Deparmental) Venue Participants Achievements
1 26/12/2018 Anti Narcotics Awarness Program CIDCO Bhavan Vashi Pratiksha Joglekar, Pooja Salunkhe, Varsha Patil, Neha Bhalghare, Sanchita Mhetre, Neha Malghe
Second Prize in Dance Competition
2 25/01/2019 State Level Boxing Wilson College Evansraj Jagateesan
Second Prize in Boxing
3. 22/02/2019 Regional level Tech Quiz Competition D.Y.Patil Polytechnic Prayag Patil, Nikhil Sawant
Second Prize in Technical Quiz Competition

Industry Institute Interactions

Industry Institute Interactions

S.No. Date of visit Name of Company Address of company Photo
1 08/03/2019  Man Foods  Pvt,Ltd. Silvasa
2 09/03/2019 Bombay Rayon Fashion Ltd. Silvasa

Guest/Expert Lectures

Guest/Expert Lectures

S .No. Date of Lecture Name of Guest/Expert Topic Photo
1 30/08/2018 Mr.Amol Rode Multimedia & Animation Technic
2 22/09/2018 Mrs.Shweta Chaudhari Management in career Development
3 18/01/2019 Mr.Darshan Komu Android Development

Extra Co-curricular Activities

Traditional Day



BAHAAR-Annual Social Gathering

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